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Jim Brown's Blog

BEHIND THE BOOK TV: EPISODE #1"Dan Brown (that other writer named Brown) Sings"


Did you know?

I’ve started a video series called "Behind the Book" where I pull back the curtain and reveal behind the scenes information about some of your favorite books and writers.

Did you know?

Those three little words cause my ears to perk up. I think it’s because, of all the characters in “The Wizard of Oz”, I identify with the dog, Toto. I’ve got this basic desire to pull back the curtain.

And it occurs to me you may feel the same – at least a little bit. So, first up (in this edition of "Behind the Book") you're going to see The Da Vinci Code's Dan Brown singing.

No. . . seriously. You’ve got to hear this. As always thanks for reading and thanks for watching. Be sure to say hello and leave a comment after you watch the video!  Read More 

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Literary Agent Undercover

Literary Agent Undercover

If you have a book (or book idea) that you’d like to see published by a traditional publisher (like Random House), I have something special for you today. I want to introduce you to a former NY Times bestselling literary agent.

His name is Mark Malatesta and he’s now an author consultant/book marketing coach. Mark was responsible for the sale of my first two novels to Random House. He's a marketing genius (that's not an exaggeration) and one of my best and dearest friends.

That’s why I told Mark I’d be happy to share his website at Literary Agent Undercover

When you click on the link above you’ll get instant access to Mark’s:

• Complete article library (tons of great information and it’s often entertaining)
• Audio/mp3 library (make sure you listen to his main mp3 about 7 insider secrets)
• Directory of Literary Agents (the best book agent directory anywhere)
• Webpage where you can ask questions about literary agents and publishing

 Read More 
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