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Jim On Television and Forgetting He's On Television

The questions was: if you were losing your sight what would you want to see?

Jim starts out fine then he sort of forgets he's on TV and well . . . you need to see this for yourself.

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Dear Reader,

Hi there, my name is Jim Brown and I'm here with Chaplin (he's a rescue kitty), named after Charlie Chaplin. As I write this I’m thinking of two things:

1) This cat really needs to go on a diet. Seriously; I can barely lift my left hand. If you see typos on my website (or in my novels) you’ll know why, and

2) I'd like to give you three gifts just for stopping by my website.

You see, you’re probably thinking that being a mystery/suspense/thriller author (published by Random House) is exciting and glamorous – and yeah, it is pretty cool, I get to travel, speak at events, and meet raving fans. But the sheer, honest-to-goodness truth is: most of the time I’m alone in this room, hands on the keyboard, lost in my own HEAD. (The good news is there’s plenty of space in there :)

So… when interesting things happen in my life (like finding out my second novel is getting made into a feature film by a famous movie producer), or, I get some juicy insider gossip about something or somebody you might be interested in, I really want to share it. No . . . I need to share it.

I would tell the cat, but unless it involves the words: dinner, nap or ping-pong ball he doesn’t care so much. So, for a limited time, I’m offering you three shameless bribes so you'll become a part of my community.

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3. You'll get occasional updates from me about cool things like my second book being made into a movie. Or juicy gossip about other famous writers like Stephen King and Dan Brown. Wow! Even the cat raised his head up at that.

So become a part of my community today by using the form below, and thanks again for stopping by.

Jim Brown