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Meet Jim Brown

JIM BROWN is a critically acclaimed author and an award-winning journalist. His novels have been published in 26 countries and translated into Russian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and Bulgarian.


His first two novel's 24/7 and Black Valley, published by Random House, have been optioned for film.


Jim is also a renowned broadcast journalist. He has worked for NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. He's broadcast live for CNN and been featured in a BBC documentary.


As a crime reporter, Jim has covered school shootings and serial killers, including the Stocking Strangler and the Atlanta Child Killer, as well as countless other crimes and criminals. As a result, he has been threatened and shot at . . . twice. But he always gets the story.


Jim is a three-time winner of the Associated Press Best Newscast Award.


A packed house.

Being interviewed at KPHO-TV in Phoenix, AZ.

Jim's been in broadcasting since he was 16 years old. He is very good at talking. He is also very good at eating and napping.

{Editor Note: Jim loves to be live. Something about the challenge and knowing any mistake cannot be corrected. I think that’s just an excuse so he doesn’t have to correct mistakes but you didn’t hear it from me.}

A signing at Barnes & Noble. They ran out of books and had to go to B. Dalton for more. Some readers even went to Borders to buy the book then returned to get it signed -- shhh don't tell anyone.

Home again. On the set of the KMTR-TV morning show.

Jim signs books in Eugne, Oregon. Here he talks with fellow writer Kathy Oltion.

Sharing a window in Portland, Oregon.

Listening to book club readers.

Jim being interviewed for the evening news. See what I mean about him talking? -- Editor

Talking to readers at the Hanford Library in California

Jim talks with a reader at Book Carnival in Orange County, CA.

Jim talks with Alison Stanton and Alice Dodge. (Note-Alison and hubby Colin are thanked on the Appreciation page of Black Valley.)

The University of Oregon sponsors an innovative book signing at Adam's Place restaurant.

Frivolous Fact:
Jim drinks half a case of Diet Coke a day.

Syndicated Radio Interview

With the Book Addicts Book Club in Redondo Beach, CA a fun and insightful group.

With Beth Caswell, the Mystery Maven at "Coffee, Tea and Mystery" Bookstore in Orange County.r image

With Taylor and Lynne Lamb.