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Jim Brown's Blog

Harry Potter Meets Indian Jones???

This is a fun one. You may have heard how author J.K. Rowling went from rock bottom to multi-millionaire or how her sixth book sold more copies in twenty-four hours than The Da Vinci Code sold in a year.

But do you know the connection between Harry Potter and Indiana Jones?

Or the secret of the author’s name? What about the connection between the author, the actor and the fictional character? And who turned down a key role in one of the Harry Potter films?

Fear not, fret not, and don’t be afraid to smile as we go Behind the Books of Harry Porter. Just click on *more* and when you see the video hit play.  Read More 
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How to Get a Literary Agent and Publisher

Mark Malatesta, Founder of Literary Agent Undercover – Special Interview – How to Get a Literary Agent and Publisher – A Former NY Times Bestselling Literary Agent Shares Insider Secrets

What’s your philosophy on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing?

It’s almost always better to try and get a literary agent first, before self-publishing, so you have a chance of getting a traditional publisher like Random House (those who want to learn more about agents can get my free Guide to Literary Agents). Traditional publishing offers more benefits: no financial risk because someone else is paying for the privilege of publishing your book; a higher quality product thanks to professional editors and cover designers; more profit due to better sales, distribution, and publicity; greater subsidiary rights opportunities like merchandising, translations, TV, feature film, etc; increased credibility and more book reviews; and the ability to spend more time writing, promoting, and doing what you love. 99% of authors would be better off trying to get a literary agent and traditional publisher (preferably with the help of a coach/consultant).  Read More 
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Stephen King and the Secret in the Box

Stephen King has a secret. And it’s kept in a box. Sort of.

But, you know I'm going to lift the lid and sneak a peak.

And, I hope you share my curiosity and will join me for this episode of Behind the Book.

Don’t worry it’s not real scary. Except for the parts I’m in :)

Just click on *more* then when you see the video hit play. Read More 
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Mark Malatesta - Book Marketing Coach

Mark Malatesta - Book Marketing Coach

I recently put a post online about a former NY Times bestselling book agent (Mark Malatesta). He’s got a great new website for authors called Literary Agent Undercover. But I didn’t tell you about his background.

You’re going to love this…

The only reason that Mark became an agent was to learn how to get his own books published. That’s why he calls his author consulting company Literary Agent Undercover. As the former President & Owner of New Brand Agency Group, Mark helped many authors launch their publishing careers, including: thriller author Jim Brown (24/7, Random House), award-winning young adult author Carol Plum-Ucci (The Body of Christopher Creed, Harcourt), nonfiction self-help author Aggie Jordan (The Marriage Plan, Doubleday-Broadway), and best-selling gift book author Harry Harrison (Father to Daughter, Workman).

Other publishers Mark has secured contracts with include  Read More 
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BEHIND THE BOOK TV: EPISODE #1"Dan Brown (that other writer named Brown) Sings"


Did you know?

I’ve started a video series called "Behind the Book" where I pull back the curtain and reveal behind the scenes information about some of your favorite books and writers.

Did you know?

Those three little words cause my ears to perk up. I think it’s because, of all the characters in “The Wizard of Oz”, I identify with the dog, Toto. I’ve got this basic desire to pull back the curtain.

And it occurs to me you may feel the same – at least a little bit. So, first up (in this edition of "Behind the Book") you're going to see The Da Vinci Code's Dan Brown singing.

No. . . seriously. You’ve got to hear this. As always thanks for reading and thanks for watching. Be sure to say hello and leave a comment after you watch the video!  Read More 

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Literary Agent Undercover

Literary Agent Undercover

If you have a book (or book idea) that you’d like to see published by a traditional publisher (like Random House), I have something special for you today. I want to introduce you to a former NY Times bestselling literary agent.

His name is Mark Malatesta and he’s now an author consultant/book marketing coach. Mark was responsible for the sale of my first two novels to Random House. He's a marketing genius (that's not an exaggeration) and one of my best and dearest friends.

That’s why I told Mark I’d be happy to share his website at Literary Agent Undercover

When you click on the link above you’ll get instant access to Mark’s:

• Complete article library (tons of great information and it’s often entertaining)
• Audio/mp3 library (make sure you listen to his main mp3 about 7 insider secrets)
• Directory of Literary Agents (the best book agent directory anywhere)
• Webpage where you can ask questions about literary agents and publishing

 Read More 
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Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday’s

Forgive this belated Thanksgiving newsletter but I’m assuming you were crazy busy over the holidays, what with the family gatherings, turkey eating, Friday shopping and leftovers. Ummm . . . leftovers. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

And although the carols have commenced, I’m hoping you and I can hold  Read More 
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The Possibility of the Impossible

How Does it Happen?
What happens when an intelligent man comes face to face with the impossible? Not the unlikely, not the unbelievable, but the truly brain-numbing, bowel-clenching, what-the-hell-is-that impossible?  Read More 
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24/7 -- Fact or Fiction (Could it happen?)

Putting the REAL in Reality TV
Could something like the events depicted in 24/7 actually happen? Consider this...  Read More 
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Welcome message

Dear Reader,

The novels featured on this website (Black Valley and 24/7) were written just for you.

Oh sure, others can read these books - in fact I want them to (wake the kids, phone the neighbors, don't worry about shopping for birthdays, Christmas or Arbor Day -- books make the perfect gift). But in your secret heart of hearts, know dear Reader, that they written for, specifically for you...  Read More 
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