Live in 5, 4, 3, 2 . . .

Anchoring the News

Co-Anchoring the news.

Secret: If you ever want Jim to stop talking make him sit on his hands.

Reporting Live

Jim in the field reporting.

Live on Location

Ronald McDonald House

Sometimes You've Gotta' Dance

Kim & Jim dancing into the break. Or rather Kim dancing; we're not sure what Jim's doing.

Looking for Trouble?

More likely looking for cookies.

Hitting the Ice

Luckily Jim was wearing his Ice Skating Suit.

Petting a python.

In front of the green screen.

Anchoring the Weather

Explaining the Satellite Map

Co-Anchoring the News

Anchoring with friend and co-worker Nicole Garcia

Morning Show

Helping prepare a Thanksgiving meal on live television. For Jim this meant sampling all the sweets

Explaining Why It’s Heating Up

Okay so, here’s a secret: Jim loves science. And he really loves reporting. Anchoring the weather allows him to do both. {Editor Note: he also loves talking but that’s no secret.}


Chaplin - named after Charlie Chaplin because of the dot on his nose - is a rescue kitty. He spent 6 days stuck in a very tall tree before someone called Kathryn Herr at CBS. She arranged his rescue and gave him a new home.


"This is what I have to work around while trying to write a book :)." - Jim

Jim between the Bear and the Fox -- Bill Barrett and Tim Fox at New Country 93.

On the noon show at KVAL-TV.

Meet Jim Brown

JIM BROWN is a critically acclaimed author, as well as an award-winning journalist. His novels have been published in 26 countries and have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and even Bulgarian.

His first two novels 24/7 and Black Valley, published by Random House, have been optioned for film.

In addition to being a full-time writer, Jim is a renowned broadcast journalist. He has worked with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. He has also broadcast live for CNN, been featured in a BBC documentary, and reported from inside the Oregon State Penitentiary for the execution of Jerry Lee Moore.

As a crime reporter Jim has covered breaking news such as the Springfield, Oregon school shooting, the Atlanta Child Killings, the Stocking Strangler, as well as countless other criminal and court cases. As a result, he has been threatened and even shot at. But he always got the story.

As a crime reporter Jim has covered such breaking news as the Springfield, Oregon school shooting, the Atlanta Child Killings, the Stocking Strangler, as well as countless other criminal and court cases. As a result he has been threatened and even shot at. But he always got the story.

He's chased tornados in Georgia, covered hurricanes in Florida... and reported mud slides, floods and wildfires on both coasts of the United States. As a political reporter Jim has interviewed President Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Carter. As well as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Jessie Jackson . . . just to name a few.

In addition to being a reporter, Jim has worked every job there is in the newsroom... including Television News Director. Jim's wife (Kathryn Herr) is an anchor/​reporter... and they spent close to ten years co-anchoring together.

In addition to his passion for news Jim is also a prolific writer. He's written a newspaper column for three years… and he’s also well-known suspense novelist, who’s published his first two books (24/​7 and Black Valley) with Random House. Jim has been featured in both Writer’s Digest Magazine and the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents.


A packed house.

Being interviewed at KPHO-TV in Phoenix, AZ.
Jim's been in broadcasting since he was 16 years old. He is very good at talking. He is also very good at eating and napping.

{Editor Note: Jim loves to be live. Something about the challenge and knowing any mistake cannot be corrected. I think that’s just an excuse so he doesn’t have to correct mistakes but you didn’t hear it from me.}

A signing at Barnes & Noble. They ran out of books and had to go to B. Dalton for more. Some readers even went to Borders to buy the book then returned to get it signed -- shhh don't tell anyone.

Home again. On the set of the KMTR-TV morning show.

Jim signs books in Eugne, Oregon. Here he talks with fellow writer Kathy Oltion.

Sharing a window in Portland, Oregon.

Listening to book club readers.

Jim being interviewed for the evening news. See what I mean about him talking? -- Editor

Talking to readers at the Hanford Library in California

Jim talks with a reader at Book Carnival in Orange County, CA.

Jim talks with Alison Stanton and Alice Dodge. (Note-Alison and hubby Colin are thanked on the Appreciation page of Black Valley.)

The University of Oregon sponsors an innovative book signing at Adam's Place restaurant.

Frivolous Fact:
Jim drinks half a case of Diet Coke a day.

Syndicated Radio Interview

With the Book Addicts Book Club in Redondo Beach, CA a fun and insightful group.

With Beth Caswell, the Mystery Maven at "Coffee, Tea and Mystery" Bookstore in Orange County.r image

With Taylor and Lynne Lamb.

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