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How to Get a Literary Agent and Publisher

Mark Malatesta, Founder of Literary Agent Undercover – Special Interview – How to Get a Literary Agent and Publisher – A Former NY Times Bestselling Literary Agent Shares Insider Secrets

What’s your philosophy on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing?

It’s almost always better to try and get a literary agent first, before self-publishing, so you have a chance of getting a traditional publisher like Random House (those who want to learn more about agents can get my free Guide to Literary Agents). Traditional publishing offers more benefits: no financial risk because someone else is paying for the privilege of publishing your book; a higher quality product thanks to professional editors and cover designers; more profit due to better sales, distribution, and publicity; greater subsidiary rights opportunities like merchandising, translations, TV, feature film, etc; increased credibility and more book reviews; and the ability to spend more time writing, promoting, and doing what you love. 99% of authors would be better off trying to get a literary agent and traditional publisher (preferably with the help of a coach/consultant).  Read More 
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