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"BLACK VALLEY is . . . utterly terrifying. Ferociously creative, twisting and curving like a serpent, this story kept me awake and turning the pages until the very end."
Best-selling Author
Tess Gerritsen


"BLACK VALLEY is an incredible story – I'm still reeling."
Best-selling Author
Douglas Preston

"BLACK VALLEY has it all--an ingenious premise, engaging characters, masterful storytelling, and hair-raising scenes that chilled me to the marrow. Jim Brown is clearly a rising star in this new golden era of suspense fiction."
Best-selling Author
John Saul


"Terror runs amok in BLACK VALLEY – a Dean Koontz – style thriller pulsating with suspense, intrigue, and a twenty-year old vendetta that rises (literally) from the grave."
Best-selling Author
Katherine Neville


"A classic page-turner, BLACK VALLEY is an intense, intelligent, fast-paced, first-rate thriller. Jim Brown's new novel will grab you on page one and keep you up late into the night-making your imagination work overtime after the lights are out."
Best-selling Author
Joe Weber


"Brown heaps on one outrageous twist after another, yet there is no doubt he knows his way around a nail-biter. His many cliffhangers teeter just right, his tone strikes a convincing balance between ominous and terrifying, and many of his characters are just quirky enough to strike fleeting doubts about their sanity."
– Publisher's Weekly

Author Jim Brown. Note: this photo was taken in a rare moment when he wasn't talking.

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